MH Music was set up following the production of the Hold On song.  The Company name represents the love of music from a Mechanics Hands and a Mother’s Heart.

Mechanics Hands

By trade, Doug Prisbrey is a very good diesel mechanic.  He has a rare gift, however, of being able to sit at the piano and create beautiful songs almost at will.  He can change key with a simple movement of his hands.  He is truly an artist.  A great husband and father of 4, Doug  loves spending time with his family:  camping, hunting, boating, vacationing.  He works hard and he plays hard.  His talents continue to bless the lives of  many.

Prisbrey family photos @ Opera House 2007 027

Mother’s Heart

While mopping her floor and contemplating the “iron rod activity,” came the words and the inspiration for the Hold On song.  Denise, a mother of 7, has always loved learning and creating–anything from cooking to crafts, sewing to scenery, scapbooking to reading, and writing:  her mind just keeps going.  Her greatest love is being with her family and supporting her children.  An Official Thoughts Alive Mentor, she also loves to  teach others how to live a life of purpose and prosperity.

Webster Family

Following a successful girls camp in 2002 where the Iron Rod Activity was held, a great number of people requested a copy of the Hold On song.  After a trip to the recording studio and typing up all the information about the activity, the Hold On song began.  It has traveled to almost every state and several countries around the world– over 4,000 copies sold and still growing.

Our desire was to share with the world the great gift we received on the mountain in 2002.  We wanted it to be affordable for others to enjoy.  That is our gift to you.

Doug & Denise